What are the big problems to solve for the community sector

what are the big problems to solve for the community sector?

“Managers in community-based organisations face an uncertain and challenging future. Research and writing about the community sector (non-government, not for-profit or third sector) has canvassed a wide range of issues relating to funding; change management in a volatile policy environment; organisational structure responses; human resource management including the management of volunteers; and governance are recurrent”

One could readily mistake the above research and commentary to be written in 2018. However, this has come from Managing strategic challenges in community sector organisations. N Paulsen - 2003 citing research conducted back in 1994, 1995 and then subsequently 2003. While so much has changed, many of the challenges remain the same.


At the recent MYP Conference, seasoned community sector professionals along with representatives from newly established not-for-profit organisations discussed the strategic and operational challenges they are facing. Not surprisingly, the list has not changed.

What has changed, however, is the realisation that regardless of the challenges, the genuine solutions can be found in automation and technology that effective stewardship of data and information. Developing and maintaining an agile, participant - centred workforce is essential. Technology must play its part to ensure staff have access to reliable and current data instantly in order to make efficient use of resources. Technology-based solutions offer countless benefits in terms of efficiency, productivity and quality of care.

Matt Latin COO at Creativity Inc says,

“Technology advancements will continue to play the lead role in helping providers to improve efficiencies, streamline processes, enable staff to work smarter and boost productivity, maximise funding, reducing compliance and safety risks, enhance the quality of services, and the list goes on.”


So where do you begin?

Move the focus off the problems and look towards time tested solutions.

When evaluating new technology, start at the beginning. What are your pain points? When you implement, what changes can you expect and how will those changes be measured?

Understand the real costs – software, implementation and training. Don’t forget to factor in speed, cloud access and mobile responsiveness. It’s also worth considering investing in data management and cleaning. The adage of rubbish in rubbish out holds true. Make sure you rank your priorities―functionality and cost are important, but don't undervalue user compatibility. Opt for systems that are accessible and intuitive to use.

Our vision at MYP is to be the platform for the community sector that enables you to thrive and do what really matters. This means providing stakeholders with greater access to impactful services.

Haven’t seen our platform yet? Reach out and we will be in touch. We have been working with community organisations for 10 years and understand the unique challenges the community sector is confronting during this time of rapid change.

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