The 1 question you must ask your clients and 10 more you should


There is one question that opens the Estate Planning door more than any other:


“Is there anything about your daughter’s* circumstance that worries you?”

*the person is interchangeable and the question remains relevant


The insights and problems shared by clients about their kids, parents or in-laws almost always provide an opportunity to facilitate or potentially even solve the problem.


This one question unlocks the estate planning door. However, if you really want to create value for your clients you can ask questions in 10 key areas:

  • Dependency
  • Current health
  • Behaviour + skill with money
  • Influence of spouses, in-laws + associates
  • Divorce risk
  • Financial situation
  • Debt burden
  • Substance abuse + behavioural issues
  • Business risks
  • Domicile (overseas or local?)


Actively involving these topics will be conducive to any estate planning discussions. Once you have started the conversation, it is essential to continue the relationship by providing your clients with information that is relevant to them. Estate Planning for Life turns estate planning into an ongoing value proposition with tangible deliverables like the ‘Information that Matters Report’ and the ‘Crisis Management Plan’.

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