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Technology - staff either love it or hate and there is very little in-between. Chances are, if you are reading this article, you already have a love affair with technology and are searching for a solution to get your staff on board. To be fair, for many staff who feel they aren’t tech savvy, the introduction of new technologies can seem overwhelming. The reality is though, it is in your organisation’s best interest to have staff love technology. So how do you do this?

Staff need to understand why the new technology is an improvement from what they are currently using. Regardless of whether you are transitioning from Excel sheets and hand-written diaries or from an outdated technology, it is not difficult to sell the benefits of a streamlined, cloud-based system that provides up-to-date information seamlessly and instantly.

The job of the manager responsible for implementing the change is to translate the benefits for the team (and the individuals in the team). Make sure they understand how it will make their work life better and that, with time, they will become more comfortable and will wonder how they ever functioned without it.

Do your research – ensure the technology you have chosen is the best fit for your organisation.

Communicate well and often – don’t wait until the training team is walking through the door before you advise staff of the impending change. Have them involved from the start of your research process so when the time comes it’s not a surprise. Keep the communication positive even if you have your doubts about staff adapting.

Customise your training – work with the Learning and Development team to ensure the planned training suits the needs and expertise of your staff. Choose the team you need to have in the room to get your system set up and humming before running group training for all staff. A customised system with familiar data and information is always going to be better received and understood than a clean slate.

Choose your influencers – they may not necessarily be the most tech savvy people but they will be positive and open to change. Get them on board early – bring them into the final demonstrations or include them in part of the discussions. You‘ll be amazed by the amount of goodwill that can be fostered when more than just one or two key people are involved in spreading the news.

Work fast and reward regularly - once a decision has been made, set your start dates and make them soon. The faster the new technology becomes business as normal, the sooner your naysayers will get on board. Highlight the positives that come from the early adopters. Publicly acknowledging individual benefits and good news stories will increase the understanding of the benefits of the new technology.

A technology engaged staff means improved communication, heightened efficiencies, security of data and greater level of understanding into changes and opportunities. Regardless of how your new technology rollout is perceived, it’s essential to keep your eye on the benefits and to keep reiterating it loudly and often so all staff can hear.

If you would like to discuss how to implement change through technology or need help determining how this can be done, talk to us at MYP. We have been working with community organisations for 10 years and understand the unique challenges the community sector is confronting during this time of rapid change.

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Tamar is a highly experienced educator with a background in Adult and Child learning and coaching. She is responsible for driving an innovative learning and development program for MYP Subscribers that meets their learning needs using the latest learning techniques and technology. Tamar delivers face-to-face and online Certified Training to MYP Subscribers to ensure effective use and implementation of their business systems. She is also responsible for managing the MYP Certified Trainer program.


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